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Working with Victor is not a fluff type thing. My life is way better from working with him. I have created two additional businesses that has increased my annual revenue. My level of personal power for what I’m capable of is mind blowing.

Brent Lankfort- Entrepreneur/ Business Owner  

 Victor is one of my mentors who actually helped teach me so much about the residential market. And actually, even the commercial Market. I'm still a real estate investor in the residential side realize that that's where I want to be right now. And and so thankful for everything that Victor has given not only of knowledge and time and friendship. And he's also somebody that's always 
Kept his word and looked out for me as I was going through all of the things that we did, you know, learning subject to some and different types of real estate and different approaches on how to to get stuff. And the thing that I really appreciate is, you know, he appreciates hard work. It's not something that if you're his friend, if I was just as friend, he's it's he friends but he gives ten times more than the effort that I put in and the more effort.
I put in the more effort he put in. So I knew that he always had my back and I really appreciate that. So just a little bit about him. And this was, I'd say, two years in the making. Now that I've gone from basic knowledge of real estate to becoming confident and comfortable in being a real estate investor and saying that, you know, not an assistant not a not somebody that's interested, but it definitely a bona fide investor. So thanks Victor

Hubert Brown - Entrepreneur / Producer  Investor 


 I definitely recommend Victor. I got the opportunity to really hang out with him. I'm a investor myself and you know, I work in the fire service and I got the opportunity to really hang out with him and learned a lot from him and they're in a really short amount of time. So I definitely recommend Victor. He's a trustworthy guy, which I think is the most important. He's going to stick to his word. He's going to work hard for you and he's going to be honest. And
those are kind of those are the kind of traits that I look for in a person. I think most business people do so go Vic. He's awesome.

Sacha Allen- Firefighter/ Investor 


We have worked on numerous projects. on more than several deals I have invested my personal funds.  Victor has returned my investment with interest. I look forward to participating with him on future ventures. 

Jovianne Randall - Realtor/ Investor 


I am a realtor here in California. And I wanted to take a few minutes to just talk to you a little bit about Victor Belle who happens to be my husband. And, you know, I've been married to Victor now for almost 20 years. And in the 20 years that we've been together. He's been doing real estate. And been in the real estate industry for all of these years. And I'll tell you, you know, he's such a stand-up guy.
Every client that he's ever went into transactions with, you know, not only do they gain a partner, but at the end of it, they gained a friend. Because at the end of the day, Victor really does genuinely care about everybody that does business with him. And he is just a great guy and he's fast. He's super smart and I'll tell you keep really does take care of his clients as if
You were his closest friends. So if you're thinking about investing in real estate, one of the things that you should do is really reach out to Victor, get to know him and at the end of the day, you're really going to enjoy your experience with him. You're going to enjoy the fact that he's going to take such great care of you because he genuinely cares about what he's doing. He's truthful. He's ethical, and at the end of the day he wants to make a lot of money. So he's going to make you a lot of money. Okay, so reach out to him.
Give him a call. And again, just a great guy. I love him. And I really, really am proud of him and all of the things that he's accomplished. And so, yeah, reach out to him.

Sharon Bell Realtor/ Actress/  Army Captain ( Retired )


I've known Vic for many years. I know him to be a stand-up guy, and 100% committed and focused to completing the task at hand. I highly recommend Vic, and spending some time with him to learn about Bell capital and doing some business with him, in some real estate, investing. 

Brandon Young - Insurance Agency Owner- ( On Bell Capital ) 


 I've been working with Victor Bell and known him for over 10 years now. And in that time they've helped me work through several properties. Totaling about 1.3 million dollars. His knowledge of the real estate world and Investments and just strategies is second to none. Every time I talk to them about anything. He was pretty spot-on with all these recommendations and the guidance that he gave.
Me has basically financially changed the path of my life and awesome. Impact its had on my family's. So if you're looking for somebody to work with no one's been in the Vic, man. He's the man 

Brian Weida - Investor - ( On Investor School and Bell Capital ) 


"You took care of everything that needed to happen. This was a seamless transaction"   

Jarrod Ikeda- Commercial Broker Apartment Advisors 


After meeting we felt very comfortable and agreed to invest. Victor was very reliable and paid us back the amount and in the timeframe we previously agreed.

Larry Smith - Investor 


 I just wanted to endorse Victor Bell and Bell Capital. Victor, and I have worked together on many projects. I've known Victor for several years. He's a man of integrity, a man of intensity, and humor. I hope you enjoy working with Bell Capital as well.

Dr Kimberly Kelley - Investor