Where's all the gold???

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2018

As Renegade investors we are bottom feeders.

picture this...

when a ship carrying  gold hits bad waters, storms, crew problems, and starts to sink, the owners have a choice to make... toss it over OR  die.

and when they toss it, we need to be there to find it, clean it up, and take it back to OUR ship.

A lot of investors play the "ride the wave strategy"

meaning load the ship up with gold and hope the tides take em safely to where they want to go... 

That works for some but the people I know have done the best as "bottom feeders"..

I have lost my ass playing the "ride the wave strategy".. It good if you can time the market and have some cash to play with.

 but if you want to make a LOT of money with the right property with less competition??

this is it...

I believe in MAKING money by catching ( the mud covered, mucky gold) a deal at a huge discount, that was on someones ship is sinking,  Shining it up a bit and capitalize on the opportunity I CREATED , Not the one I HOPED for..

Its the "Bottom feeder" methodology ... 

that's where ALL the gold is... 



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