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Ever wonder why some people tend to succeed and others don't? 

Even if both people know the same thing?   Well, here's the short answer.

Your "threshold" is set to either succeed or set to not succeed. 

It really is that simple.

Websters' definition of "threshold" is; the point at which something begins.

Your threshold or "comfort zone" is set and will decide your level of success, every damn time. 

Here's an example, let's say you run 5 miles and you do that all the time.  Your threshold for success in that arena is 5 miles and if you had to run just 1/2 mile more, your mind and body would start to fight back and hit you with what if's, and say things like, "hey, let's stop, we always stop here, is that your phone? let's do it tomorrow." 

You won't run farther because it is outside of your comfort zone or what we call your current "threshold". 

Can you do it? yes, but it will take you to expand "who you are", your inner world, your mind, and you will need to train yourself to practice going a little farther to get there.

You gotta EXPAND your threhold to have NEW success.

I started investing 20 years ago but I remember the first time I was around people that helped me level up my mindset.

They were talking about having millions and I was broke. They made having that kind of money look so easy. 

My mind fought it, but listening and learning expanded who I was and they pushed me to do more.  It was then that I grew.  My beilief of what I coud do also grew.  I changed how I thought and how I saw the game of life and changed who I surrounded myself with.

You see, our threshold is set by 3 things:

Your mind

Your environment

and Your actions

Small you. Small threshold.  Small successes.

Big you. Big Threshold. Big successes.

So here's how to expand your threshold.

You need to first have a reprogramming experience.  Our camps and courses are designed to reprogram your mind.  We help expand the person.  After all, a bigger container can hold more money, ya know what I mean?

In the League we go over a ton of stuff inside our online training that  help people expand their threshold and more.

You need to get trainings and processes that will help you personally expand your mindset and your investing game but you have to have an accountability program helping you along the way instead of doing it alone.

Our #1 rule is get the job done and be on purpose. That's all that matters.

And here's how to do it by yourself.

CHOOSE the next level of success you want in your money or investing business.

Get CLEAR on it.  I'm not talking about reading more books and webinars but honestly saying ok, "this is my next move".

Then take 1 clear committed small action to achieve it. 

Then keep taking small actions for as long as it takes and do not stop until you succeed.

Afterwards you will be able to choose the next level from that new one and repeat the whole process over again.

Another way to make sure this happens is to surround yourself with people looking to level YOU up.  It shouldn't be alot of people, maybe 3-5 at most.

But that simply is how to expand YOU on your own until you can join a League where everyone is working to level up.

Your old ways of being and thinking have gotten you exactly where you are right now.

And if you ARE where you want to be, then great!

But if NOT, I want you to consider the possiblity that YOUR ways of thinking and being needs to expand.


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