The Ugly Truth About Real Estate Investing

Uncategorized Sep 04, 2018
I was watching a “flip this house” show on tv, 
You might have seen em. 
It’s like a husband and wife offering on houses,
Banging out kitchens and bathrooms, then at the end they sell it and walk away with $37,496.22 ... 
Well, I can say those look great but that isn’t always how it’s happens in the real world. 
The ugly truth is those shows are fun to watch but many investors lose their ass in those kinda deals. 
On the shows MOST are staged... 
(Hell they never even show those people go to the damn bathroom) 
The truth is I have never done a full scale gut and flip - 
And Anything near it,  I've negotiated the the deal, and had a partner that did the renovations- cause that partner loved that kinda stuff. 
Good job to those that do it. 
Im actually not a fan of rehabs. 
At all. 
Not exciting for me. 
I don’t even like to cut grass ... 
I'm a nice house junkie... 
as a matter a fact if I walk in a place and my wife and kids ain't all like
" OHH CAN WE MOVE IN HERE???""  I get worried... 
For a Renegade,  a Little touch up is cool but that’s all. 
The real money is made in solving problems for the seller. 
I know you’re thinking ... I do flips and those work fine. 
and thats awesome!!! 
I love it when someone in the game scores those wins! 
I have friends that do it all the time.
But There’s more ways to skin a cat. ( if you skin cats) 
let’s face it unless you come from that fixer upper background- 
AND Most of us don’t. 
We could care less about gutting a place to the studs. 
That shit is scary to me. 
I tend to stick to creative stuff with nice houses and buildings... 
I learned an insiders secret I call the "lost art of subject 2" like 20 years ago in a strip club in Dallas after a real estate seminar and swear by em. 
The thrill of  talking to sellers that have nice newer homes and buildings that have a life problem that’s willing to do something with me because it makes sense - is my secret wet dream ;) 
I make a profit .... they get a solution  and life is better for them. 
Tv makes tearing out cabs and tubs look exciting. 
 And theres a FLOOD of investors running to it cause it seems like the way to go.... 
It leaves an open lane for Renegades that aren’t into that stuff. 
I’m not saying those deals don’t work... cause they do.
I’m jus saying they don’t fit my strengths - 
So if you’re into that kinda stuff man I get it. 
We’re all in the real estate game together. 
Same sport. 
Jus different teams. 
And that’s super cool. 
But if you’re like me.
Where you'd rather work "less" for hundreds of thousands of dollars...
The Renegades way maybe just what the Dr ordered...

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