Speed Kills Slow Investors

Uncategorized Sep 25, 2018

Every wonder WHY only a few investors make it in the business???

Here's the simple answer is they're slow.

Speed is the key to success In this business ( or any business for that matter) 

The RE gurus say it's not a sprint its a marathon, but thats total bullshit, Have you ever seen the people who WIN marathons???

trust me, running that fast for that long, AND being in the top brackets IS a fricking sprint... 

To use the Principle of Speed... you have to stop thinking and start doing, fast!

Take relentless action instead of waiting till shits perfect.

the real estate investing business is a competition.  

Dont let anyone fool you into thinking its not..

speed only kills slow investors... change lanes and pass them or you'll be dead in this business too...



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