"I Know" Don't Mean Shit

Uncategorized Oct 24, 2018

What you know dont mean shit... 

 It's what you DO that matters... 

most men already know what to do.

and they wouldnt be successful if they hadnt at least took some actions..

When it comes to expanding and growing your investing business, what you already KNOW aint gonna help you... its gonna be the shit you deploy today.

 no one will give a shit about your last wins...

Look at any sport, all the athletes already know what to do. and if youre on a team or in the spot light it goes without saying you have to be good at it..

so what's the difference?

the athelte that did the work and gets shit done wins

So are you doing shit TODAY.

 what you know only works when you use it. 

doing the shit you MUST do to dominate today will take blood sweat and tears ... 

 and that the SHIT most men run from.

Put In the Fucking Work is not just somethign on our Flag...

its  what we DO ...



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