How to Raise Private money ( the Renegades way)

Uncategorized Oct 02, 2018

Im sure you've been to a  real estate seminar or two and heard the "how to raise private money schpill"


and we have all used it a time or two..

and I can tell you its NEVER been how I have raised a dime for any deal I have closed..

 Here's my fool proof money raising secret...

Its really a simple success principle for raising money 

here it is...

People invest their money with people they like and trust.

BUT Victor i thought they want higher returns than the bank CDs and their IRA are giving them???

I cant show em my slide show at buffalo wild wings... 😢

People are humans and  ALL humans want to same thing...

to be liked, for who they are. 

 if you live in the real world ( like I do) People lend money to people they can have a normal conversaiton with. 

if you are all business no one will do business with you for long... ( renegades are long term players) 

It's a lost art to sit with someone and laugh with them, and genuinely give a shit. 

you know they're a real person. THEN the returns play out.. 

But if thats all you got (let's talk about giving me 250,000 dollars for this deal that will take 2 -3 years)  then you immediately turn into a DOLT...  MOST people WILL NOT lend you a dime...

I have raised money at gas stations, strip clubs and everywhere in between...


cause people  want to see you in the real world... thats the real you. 

Anyone can be good in the principals office... they want to see how you act on the play ground... thats where the real relationships are built...

so do you get to know the investors?

Do people get to like and know you a bit before you ask them to fork over their hard earned money? 


Hell, youre a Renegade, Think outside the box... what would be FUN to invite a few people YOU want to invest with you to go do?

Maybe deep sea fishing, and have a catch and cook thing going on afterwards... have the families meet up.

Or reserve a whole theater and have a private movie showing date night for you and all your prefered investors with families,

or maybe a day where you all go to a shitty hike and just enjoy the suck together, cheer each other on durring the tough times..??? lol

 whatever it is BE YOU... 

... Remember, the goal is for you to like them too...

In some cases you might see something and you wouldnt want their money anyways.. Business and putting money together is a 2 way street.

you gotta like them too ya know.. 


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